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Episode: American Moon Massimo Mazzucco Interview

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Massimo Mazzucco discusses about his film, ''American Moon,'' released in September, 2018 in English with Jonathan Mark of Flyby News. American Moon compares with Massimo's' epic documentary, ''September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor'' in that it sets the facts (using original footage) and experts to show the evidence of what happened, and features those debunking (official views) side by side.

It is extremely mind blowing to see it all together at once. The big issue is, as with 9-11 truth, people are mostly in denial and fearful often and refuse to even look at the evidence. Some will smear you with insults because that's easier.. It takes effort to see the truth after being brainwashed most of our life. Yet as 9-11 is a bit in the rear view mirror these days, and with the upcoming 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo (or what should be termed as another military psychological operation), and with future missions that will continue to be delayed in sending an astronaut beyond low earth orbit, the moon debate is with us now and in our future. This is true even while the U.S. space force wants to maintain control over what is real and what is their make-believe..

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Episode Short Description: Did humans actually land and walk on the moon for the Apollo lunar missions? Massimo Mazzucco interviewed on his new documentary, ''American Moon.''

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