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Episode: 0057_Turning_of_the_Wheel_Introduction_To_Astrology_Houses

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The houses in astrology refer to the area of one's life where events occur. We all have them and they are an important part of the astrological profile for any person. When an astrology chart is cast based on birth date/place/time, the planets are assigned specific places in the chart based on the TIME of birth. While the date is equally important the time sets the orientation of the chart and thus the placement of planets in distinct areas of our lives. A planet in a specific house or area of our lives presents meaning to the representation of the planet's archetypal characteristics. A Moon in the second house indicates an emotional interest in resources, money, and security. In this segment, astrologer, Chris Flisher offers a beginners introduction into how this works.

Episode Short Description: The houses in astrology illustrate where the action will occur and how it will manifest. Astrologer, Chris Flisher explains in this segment.

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