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Episode: BV 18-03 - Opposition To WWI Leads to Greater Civil Liberties, Today

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Opposition To WWI Leads to Greater Civil Liberties, Today

The WW I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri is dedicated to those who fought and died in that war and also to those who were opposed to participating in the destruction that war makes. People in the United States were told that it was a “war to end to all wars.” In reality, it was a war that many did not support. The war effort introduced mass conscription and the US government energized it with patriotic rallies and the promotion of war bonds.

Many desired a negotiated peace and opposed American intervention and even imagined future world orders that could eliminate war.

**350-thousand men refused conscription during the war
**3-million did not register for the draft

The Church of the Brethren was one of the peace churches that expressed opposition to the war as well as other religious groups, the women’s movement, pacifists, radicals, labor activists and other dissenters.

The World War l Museum recently held a symposium, “Remembering Muted Voices,” about Conscience, Dissent, Resistance and Civil Liberties in World War l through Today. ''Brethren Voices'' host, Brent Carlson meets with conference organizer, Andrew Bolton of the Community of Christ Church of England.

Dr. William Kostlevy, director of the Brethren Historical Library, Elgin, Illinois also shares about the reactions of the Brethren. Dr. Kirk MacGregor, McPherson College is also featured with historical perspective of the United States reaction to the unpopular war.

Tags: World War I, WW I Museum, Opposition To War, Pacifists, Hutterites, Mennonites, Brethren, Imprisonment, Conscientious Objectors, Civil Liberties, ACLU, War Bonds, McPherson College, Unpopular War, WWI Conscription, ''Remembering Muted Voices'', Kansas City MO,
Published: Mar 12, 2018, ID: BV 18-03
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