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Episode: Bart Jordan Speaks - Ancient Measure - Pi, Denali, Abuse of Light

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Bart Jordan was a secret core mathematician for the Trinity Test in the Manhattan Project when only eight years old. Most of his life he kept 'under the radar' as his family was threatened if he ever talked about his work in 1945. This program was recorded on August 09, 2017 on the 72nd anniversary of the U.S. detonating the A-bomb over Nagasaki.

Bart Jordan shares about ancient measure, and how the pre-ice-age Denali knew about the measure of Pi (3.1416) by multiplying the distances of the degrees of Denali and Ilaned (Mt. Everest) in relationship to their Prime Meridian at Nettlebed, UK, which is one degree East of the current Greenwich marker, and multiplying their number for humans (238) and dividing it by the tetrachord or one million to show Pi (3.1416)

Jordan also shares about the Denali knowing the height of Mt. Denali, (the second highest mountain on Earth) by adding the orbits of Phobos and Deimos (two satellites) and Mars rotation. Jordan also talks about the speed of light cover-up and abuse. His sharing on Black Elk and Ella Cara Deloria show his connection and respect to indigenous language and people.

Jordan explains again the significance of the placement of Phobos and Deimos by a remote civilization and about the Cydonia region with a warning about what is to fear about abusing the light by splitting (exploding-imploding-exploding) atoms for bombs and power. We have been warned that this would lead to the extinction of humankind.

Episode Short Description: Bart Jordan, a Homeric SAMAN-NAMAS deciphered an ancient cosmic numbering system based on alphabetic tone frequencies (Hellenic, Germanic, & Semitic).

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