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Renewable Energy

To start the New Year of 2018, 'Brethren Voices' features ''Renewable Energy'' as exemplified by the Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren of Ft Wayne, Indiana.

Living nearby, the Amish have always been an example of people who have shown us how to save energy with their ways of simple living.

We are now in a time when we are faced with saving energy as a way to keep the Earth from over heating. Slowing and then reversing climate change is a monumental challenge of our time.

The Brethren related organization, New Community Project believes that the change is more likely to be a grass-roots effort, rather than coming from the political or corporate leaders. NCP feels that change will come from the people who care deeply about our planet, its people and the future.

The Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren of Ft. Wayne, Indiana is showing us the way with their installation of 66 solar panels on their church roof.

Also featured in this program is the family of Craig Smith & Carla Kilgore of the Beacon Heights congregation, also made the decision to be more energy efficient. They installed solar panels on their home. Both of these applications provide the community with their excess electricity.

''Brethren Voices'' meets with members of the Beacon Heights congregation to hear of the changes that they have made to use renewable energy as a part of their witness and outreach to the community. Other examples of solar energy included in this program is the Snyder's of Hanover. In 2011, this pretzel and snack food producer built a 26 acre solar field, the largest in Pennsylvania. It has over 15,000 solar panels generating enough energy to save approximately 30% of the energy costs in the factory and plant.
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Published: Jan 18, 2018, ID: BV 18-01
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