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Episode: BV 17-12 - Alternative Christmas Gift Suggestion

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Alternative Christmas Gift Suggestion

This year the United States has experienced so many natural disasters that have swept though countless neighborhoods across the country. Now, we're in the Christmas Holiday Season. It's that time of the year to find the special gift for the person who most of the time has everything that they already need. With many survivors of these disasters, just needing a place to live, we suggest an alternative gift for the person on your list who probably has everything. Each year, "Brethren Voices" features Alternative Gift Giving Ideas. For that person, probably the best gift is you, but we do have an alternative gift idea, a financial gift to the Brethren Disaster Ministries, in the name of that special someone on your list.

Brethren Disaster Ministries assists people to rebuild following disasters. "Brethren Voices" shares what Brethren and its many volunteers have been doing to assist the survivors of some of these disasters. The needs are truly great. The Brethren respond to disasters in two ways. Children's Disaster Services provides child care immediately following a natural or sometimes a man made disaster. Usually established in a Red Cross Shelter, child care is provided to care for traumatized children; volunteers provide a calm, safe and reassuring presence in the midst of the chaos created by tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires any natural or human caused disaster.

"Brethren Voices" received permission from pianist and composer, Ken Medema to share one of his improvised compositions about Children's Disaster Services. Ken has been performing for over 40 years in many different venues. Though blind from birth, Ken sees and hears with heart and mind, sharing through improvisation. "Teach Me How To Play Again", one of Ken's creations was performed at the 2015 National Older Adult Conference, in North Carolina. "Brethren Voices" also received permission from Thomas Lauderdale and the Pink Martini for the use of the theme music for this Christmas program.

Individuals wishing to volunteer with Brethren Disaster Ministries may obtain additional information from http://WWW.Brethren.ORG/BDM

Tags: Brethren Disaster Ministries, Children's Disaster Services, Volunteer Opportunities, Disaster Response, Hurricane Maria, Ken Medema, Pink Martini, Thomas Lauderdale, Alternative Christmas Gifts, Music Improvisation, Disaster Rebuilding,
Published: Nov 27, 2017, ID: BV 1712
Category: Education, 28:23
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