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Episode: 171012 - TvNI - Vegas Stripped and Exposed

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TvNI - Vegas Stripped and Exposed

It's all here, folks: The facts about Sin City's collusion and cover-ups of the covert carnage on citizens' lives and minds - and on our country - under CIA control!
How did several other hotels get their lobby windows shot out at that time, by a lone gunman in the Mandalay?
Haw can Paddock have a '13' tattoo on his neck, and his corpse not? How come all surveillance cameras were off in the Mandalay on that Sunday (only day in years there, I understand).
Why did Paddock have such an inventory of 'bad banned guns' in a hotel suite? - Answer: Paddock's history includes being a fast and furious CIA arms pilot and illegal arms dealer. Just another coincidence! or a FBI staged Sting gone bad??
And why is the FBI involved - shouldn't it be a Nevada jurisdiction case - with federal violations of BATF?
What question do you seek an answer for??
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Published: Oct 13, 2017, ID: 171012 TvNI
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