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Episode: BV 17-05 - What Would Jesus Drive?

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What Would Jesus Drive?

"Brethren Voices" takes a look at the new technology that is coming down the road in the form of electric vehicles.

The age-old question: "What Would Jesus Do?" taken seriously by Brethren. For this Brethren Voices program, the question is - What Would Jesus Drive?.........

Some members of Portland Peace Church of the Brethren are attempting to choose alternative energy cars as a matter of their faith. We took a quick poll and discovered that 30 percent of the congregation is driving electric or hybrid vehicles. Four electric vehicles and 5 hybrid cars are being driven by members of this small church.

If, David Radcliff of the New Community Project were asked, he would say that Jesus would probably drive a bicycle. But, with this program, we're taking a look at the newest electric cars.

Charles Smith, Anna Meyer, Craig and Pam Enberg are interviewed by Brent Carlson about the switch to alternative energy cars which some are indicating will be the next revolution of technology. It has been predicted that six European countries will only permit electric vehicle sales after 2030.

Brethren Voices cameras attend the Portland Auto Show. The program is complimented by Gary Graunke of the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association who provides a glimpse of the new Chevy Electric Bolt, shown at the auto show. The new Chevy Bolt has a range of 238 miles per electric charge.
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Published: May 4, 2017, ID: BV1705
Category: Education, 28:22
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