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There are movement activists who are feeling pretty lonely these days. It seems that much of the country has “smoked the hopium” and is now kicked back and comfy, waiting for change to arrive, like the train from Washington, bearing 40 acres and a mule. But as Gil Scott-Heron pointed out so many years ago, that train never arrived. In episode 369, Indymedia presents “The Demonstration Of Our Hopes,” by PepperSpray producer Tajuan LaBee. The basic point is clear: if we want to prevail on the various issues facing us, we have to turn to the organizations fighting around these issues and fight on. As President Obama said, “Change comes to Washington, not from it.” If activists could build a movement strong and big enough to change the hearts and minds of Americans under the cruel conditions of the Bush administration, then we ought to be able to make real gains now, but it will not be from waiting for some superman to save us.

Then we pause in transition for a little bit of one veteran’s reflections on being a guard at Guantanamo, and how he found himself “working in a concentration camp” just like the Nazis his grandfather was so proud of fighting against in WW II. This is a minute of testimony from Chris Arendt, of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The final segment on Indymedia Presents #369 is from our archives. “Solidarity Palestine” by Warcry was first aired on this program in 2003, but sadly, the situation of Palestinians has not improved, so this piece plays like it had just been made.

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