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Episode: 170216 - TvNI - Super Psy-Ops

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170216 - TvNI - Super Psy-Ops

SEE our Activist Angel, Kevin B Sing in Concert: several songs he wrote, starting with a song dedicated to his (now 15 year old) son

​See Kevin's true story:

See Scott Bennett on Iran's threat!

UPDATEL ​6 hours after taping this program, Trump Advisor Michael Flynn resigns seems to be generating MSM rage, and more 'fake news' so far.

From Scott Bennett r:30 AM Feb 14:
On the firing of National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. President Trump either:
1) Calculated it was a winning move to surrender Flynn because of the media propaganda campaign about “Russian hackers stealing the election, insinuating Flynn was a secret agent or mole or apologist or puppet by the Russians”, and Trump didn’t want the heat, and wanted to put out the fire quickly and move on. He doesn’t want that narrative flying about plaguing him; or

2) Fired Flynn because he learned more and more what Flynn’s character is, his mental limitations, lack of creativity, and his war-conflict agenda is, and Trump may see that as fundamentally opposed to his non-interventionist agenda and “stability not chaos” policy; or

3) Flynn quit because he saw Trump was not going along with the establishment agenda, and Trump wouldn’t be manipulated by the establishment, and he wouldn’t continue pursuing the Bush-Obama-McCain-Lindsay Graham doctrine.

Remember G.W. Bush came into office as a “compassionate conservative” then betrayed that promise and betrayed the American people by formulating the greatest false-flag attack in the history of American, the 911 attacks—which every reasonable person knows was a controlled demolition attack, a missile attack on the pentagon, and was designed to trigger the great “Project for New American Century” which my boss like Dov Zakheim at Booz Allen Hamilton, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and a host of other Zionist-Neo conservative fascists executed, and should be executed for in a war crimes tribunal.

Who will be his replacement: Military guy: Stanley McCrystal, former special operations general; Admiral Eric Olson, former SOCOM commander; or General Michael Hayden (tragedy);

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Published: Feb 28, 2017, ID: 170216 TvNI

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