Show: Peak Moment - Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times

Episode: 324 Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening

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A frightening near-death experience led Patt Lind-Kyle, author of "Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain", to wonder what happens to the mind during the dying process. Her explorations led to writing a new book "Embracing the End of Life." She invites readers to prepare now — for living with less stress each day as well as during the dying process. She covers legal and practical issues, and the important choice of caregivers while you’re dying. Her primary focus is on cultivating now the consciousness that you’ll be in while dying — what she calls the “expanded self.” We all experience this when our hearts are open, in times of forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, and gratitude. Episode 324. []

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