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Episode: BV 17-01 - On Earth Peace

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BV 17-01 - On Earth Peace

Matt Guynn, Program Director of On Earth Peace” remembers when he first learned about the dynamics of systemic racism. “I was, angry because I was raised to be a good person, oriented to justice and peace. I realized that I, too, am embedded in patterns of racism, in relationship to the ways that institutions function and I can't do anything about it. I can't take myself out of the system."

In this edition of “Brethren Voices,” Matt Guynn discusses the Nonviolent Social Change ministry of On Earth Peace which is rooted in the philosophy and leadership of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Much more than simply "not doing violence," nonviolence is an active, positive, reconciling force that seeks to build a hopeful future. Kingian Nonviolence is a philosophy and a way of life, as well as a set of practical approaches to solve interpersonal and community problems. To address deep-rooted violence, poverty, and oppression, it's necessary to build new community coalitions and invest in leadership for each generation.

Guynn states, “I was furious because I was raised to be a faithful follower of Jesus and get things right and to realize that I was complicit in a system that keeps people down; it was so disheartening that I was grieving and angry."

"The challenge is to educate ourselves and educate each other, to begin to ask, 'where are the places where I participate in the system that are excluding or oppressing and only white, just because they are? How can I participate with others, to dismantle the system with the possibility of building the beloved community of well being and dignity for all people.' " -- Matt Guynn –
Tags: Racism, Nonviolent, Social Change, Dr. Martin Luther King, Peace, Justice, Brethren, On Earth Peace, Reconciliation, Kingian Nonviolence,
Published: Dec 20, 2016, ID: BV 17-01
Category: Education, 28:28
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