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Program No. 735
“The British Empire Must Be Destroyed!”

On June 27, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche addressed an international audience via a video webcast from Northern Virginia, his seventh, so far, this year, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee (L-PAC). The event was moderated by Mr. LaRouche’s national spokeswoman Debra Freeman. Taking his theme from the Roman Senator, Cato the Elder, who urged the destruction of Carthage in the 150s B.C. with the cry "Carthago delenda est!", Mr. LaRouche titled his presentation “Britain Delenda Est” (Britain Must be Destroyed).

In his opening remarks, featured in this edition of The LaRouche Connection, Mr. LaRouche made it clear, that the fight against the British Empire, is not against the people of Britain, but rather, against America’s historic enemy: the Anglo-Dutch monetarist imperium. Now, the time has come, to launch total war—political, cultural, and scientific—for our survival. The United States, because of its unique history, as the world’s first and only true sovereign republic, must take the lead in eliminating the British imperial system, if the world is to have any chance of coming out of the current existential crisis. And this quickly. Time is running out.

LaRouche: “We're in a situation where we're looking at the collapse of civilization. It's not some event that might happen or might not happen: The crumbling of global civilization is currently in progress. Behind the destruction of the U.S.A., is the British Empire, and its puppet Barack Obama: Yet, even without the murderous policy of the Obama Administration, this planet, if it doesn't change in a certain direction, is doomed in any case. Obama just makes it surer and quicker.”

In his health-care and cap-and-trade policies, there is no difference between Hitler and Obama. In both cases, the intention is to kill people en masse. “If you tolerate it, if you apologize for it, you say, ‘You can’t call him a Nazi,’ you’re complicit! You’re part of the problem.”

Even without the Nazi policies of the clinically insane President and those who support him in these policies, we’re going to Hell anyway. “We’re on the verge of a great collapse in the economy, and it will be a world collapse.”

What to do? In a webcast back in July 25, 2007, Mr. LaRouche proposed some very simple steps to the looming disaster he foresaw: “Put the financial system through bankruptcy reorganization and protection. Don’t allow mortgages to be foreclosed. That way you prevent the system from falling. Then, step by step, take the measures, as Franklin Roosevelt did, to organize a recovery.” Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), and others in the House of Representatives, under President George Bush and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), at that time, however, acted to block these measures. The result: a chain-reaction collapse of the physical economy of the world. “The rate of depression in the U.S. today, already far exceeds the rate of depression, under Herbert Hoover! And, it’s only begun. We are truly headed for what Prince Philip of Britain has proposed—that he could become a deadly virus, and kill off all people above the level of two billion, rapidly, by being a disease. Well, we have a flu epidemic, which is capable of inaugurating something like that. It’s already fully under way! We don’t know how bad it’s going to be, but we know the potential: It’s a general pandemic; it’s been declared as such by the relevant authorities.”

Under these circumstances, the President acts as a puppet of the British monarchy. “He’s not really a President of the United States—a poor little Puppet Nero of the British monarchy,” whose system has been oriented to create, and now save, an empire run by financial class of vast wealth, “which demands that the parasites be saved and the productive people be killed.” Thus the endless clamor: “Bail Out! Bail Out! Bail out the thieves who have done most of the stealing and most of the bad policy-making, which has ruined the U.S. and other economies. [I say] “Put them into bankruptcy. Close ‘em down. Save the real industries. Save the real banks—the ones that are honest, not the high-binders. Let the high-binders all collapse, disappear; they’re of no use, anyway. We don’t need them in management; they’ve already mismanaged the economy to the extreme.”

It’s worse in Europe, where sovereignty was ceded to the British Empire, under the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, orchestrated by then Prime Minister of Britain Margaret Thatcher and French President Francois Mitterrand, supported by George H. W. Bush. The Western and Central European countries are now not permitted to create national credit. “They have industries and capacities, still, which, if they could organize national credit, properly, continental Europe could unify its efforts among nations, and actually start a recovery program, [but, under Maastricht] they are forbidden to do that.”

The answer to this conundrum lies entirely within the historical tradition of the United States. Why?

“We came here, and founded this nation, to be free of the monetary systems of Europe. To be free of things like the IMF today. To be free of the British Empire. We didn’t come here to get away from Italian or French or German culture, but quite the contrary: to free these cultures, by bringing the best of these cultures here, to develop here, but to be free of Europe’s oligarchical systems. We have embedded in our history, and in traditions of an organic type, which we can evoke any time we have the guts to do so: the European heritage which is specific to the Untied States, free of the evil and incompetence of Europe. We can launch that again, under our Constitution which was designed for this mission.

We need a President now. LaRouche’s recommendation: put Obama under “adult supervision.” Tell him what to do.

“We have to decide, as a people: are we going to restore our commitment, as a nation, to the purpose for which it was created, to bring the best of European culture, as developed through the Renaissance in particular, to be a building block around which to organize the world for its own betterment?” It’s a mission, a devotion, to the assignment of our nation, on behalf of all mankind, to bring about a system of sovereign peoples and nation-states all over the planet.

President Franklin Roosevelt had that idea, passion, and commitment. He intended to destroy the British Empire at the end of World War II. Here’s what he told British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: “Winston! When this war is over, we’re not going to have any British Empire on this planet! We’re going to free those people, we’re going to help them to develop, give them their own nations.”

So, the issue today is, we have to go back to the Roosevelt tradition. “[By] converting the U.S. back to what its Constitution specifies, in terms of a sovereign national banking system, we then utter credit of the Federal government. No longer does the U.S. government borrow money from banks! It creates the money, and lends it for its own purposes! The banks will get credit from the U.S. government, just as they did from President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and as Roosevelt moved to do. We will use this Hamiltonian credit system to reorganize the world: by going to Russia, China, and India (and other countries), and ask them to join us in creating an international credit system, based on the sovereignty of nation-states. No more monetarism! No more international financial rule over the planet. We use the credit of government to save, rebuild, and increase the economy.” That’s the mission.

And, we don’t let filth such as George Soros into this country. We don’t let such the big drug dealers in. We create productive power. “We put back the railroad system, in a new [magnetic levitation] form. We rebuild the industries we’ve lost, in a new [higher energy-flux-density] form. We restore our agriculture [with the view to doubling world food production]. We cancel the piratical Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) system and restore the earlier Hill-Burton law [of 1946]. We will do these things, and more, as we move to save the planet.”

“The British Empire is the only empire that exists on this planet today. It’s not an empire of the British people. It’s an empire of a British system, largely based on oligarchical financier interests. We’ve got to break that empire, and get that Empire’s puppet Obama under control. If we don’t do that, we are finished—and soon. If we are finished, then the whole planet is finished. We have to re-launch the Renaissance, the system of sovereign-nation states, of scientific and technological progress, the idea of credit system, the idea of elimination of oligarchy! To establish a system of republics free of rule of oligarchies, republics based on the power of citizens to control their own government, with missions of cooperation among the nations for the planet, for the common aims of mankind, for the common benefit for mankind. That will be a revolutionary, radical change. But if we are not willing to make that change, as I propose it, standing here, then we are not fit to survive, and we will not survive.”

[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine Vol. 36, No. 26 (July 3, 2009), pp. 4-41. On line at]

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