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Episode: BV 16-02 - "Brethren Heritage Center"

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"Brethren Heritage Center"

The Church of the Brethren traces its roots back to August of 1708 in Schwarzenau, Germany and so do the Conservative Grace Brethren International, Dunkard Brethren, Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, German Baptist Brethren, Old Brethren, Old German Baptist, Old German Baptist Brethren, Old German Baptist Brethren-New Conference, Old Order German Baptist, The Brethren Church and the Conservative Grace Brethren.

It is the Brethren Heritage Center, a non-profit organization that's dedicated to preserving historical and current information about all of the Brethren bodies which trace their roots back to Alexander Mack and the 7 other members.

Southwestern Ohio was chosen for the location of the center due to the large number of Brethren living in the Miami Valley Region. Beginning in the late 1970s, historian and genealogist Donald R. Bowman of Brookville, Ohio, a member of the Southern Ohio District Historical Committee of the Church of the Brethren, began accumulating many books, historical records and artifacts from several Church of the Brethren congregations. The collection was housed at the old Happy Corner Church of the Brethren and was open to the public for viewing by appointment, as the "Brethren Heritage Center."

In 1999, some Old German Baptist Brethren became concerned about preserving their books and records. Fred W. Benedict, who had earlier pledged his entire library for preservation, met Larry E. Heisey and Mark Flory Steury, each of whom pledged to supplement a project from their own extensive collections. It was at the same time that the Happy Corner project needed a new home.

Today, it's known as the Brethren Heritage Center and "Brethren Voices" views the 17-thousand-square-foot facility, in Brookville, Ohio guided by Gale Honeyman and Larry Heisey.

Ed Groff, Producer

"Brethren Voices" -- now in the 11th year of sharing what Brethren do, as a matter of faith.
Tags: Brethren Church, Church of the Brethren, Brockville Ohio, Brethren Heritage Center, Faith, Peace, Genealogy, American History, German Baptist.
Published: Feb 2016, ID: BV - 16-02
Category: Education, 28:00
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