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Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) has done a great job of confronting the war. Using a variety of direct action tactics, over the last couple years they have impeded the flow of war material being loaded and unloaded at the sea ports near Fort Lewis, WA. This week Indymedia presents a look at one small action, in a piece entitled “This is What Direct Action Looks Like.” Like the many drops of water that together make a tsunami, these actions have set a high standard on the question of how do we actually stop a war. PMR has mobilized direct actions so well that the Army has been forced to go to great lengths to move Stryker vehicles and other war material on and off the base. When the activists shut down the Port of Olympia the Army started using other ports. So the activists moved their operations to whatever port the military tried to ship weapons through, forcing the Army to move the material late at night. The activists have matched the military, tactic for tactic, all the while reaching out to the soldiers who have been exposed to all this. There have been cases of soldiers joining the resistance as a result. In this piece we see what this campaign looks like, literally on the ground, as activists lock down to stop a truck hauling a military vehicle.

Then we feature the latest offering from The Stimulator in “It’s the End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Fine.” It all starts with a caustic 6-months-in-office report card for President Obama. This is another great episode from Franklyn Lopez. The specific sections are: 1. Obama’s Grades_ 2. Military Industrial Reach Around_ 3. No Hope for Transparency_ 4. Futuristic Justice_ 5. If there was oil in Honduras_ 6. He ain’t got your back_ 7. Public Enemy_ 8. Derrick Jensen.

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