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1) "Tribal Journeys" Every year Coast Salish, "Canoe People," from tribes stretching from Alaska to Oregon converge by sea-canoe, traveling the traditional sea routes to a rendezvous for cultural exchange and to renew the ties that bind them all together. A recent year's Tribal Journey destination was Seattle, hosted by the Muckleshoot Tribe. This event is seen by participants as reclaiming a culture that was stolen from them. We cover the pride of the landing, and uncover a story of an indigenous elder who remembers the days when speaking his native tongue was punished by washing his mouth out with brown laundry soap. Part of reclaiming native heritage, he argues, is to recognize the forces that deprived indigenous people of it in the first place.

2) "Sgt. Pinocchio, the story of a military puppet" is a counter-recruiting piece. An animated Sgt Pinocchio experiences acute nose-growing when faced with actual stories of the military by recent veterans and GI resisters. Members of the PepperSpray Collective observed high school students watching counter-recruiting videos and felt that even the good videos didn't keep their attention. We came up with this piece in hopes it would keep students watching.

3) A brief piece of media criticism. Many in America must be asking themselves why they ever fell for the WMD lie. Rather than just call them stupid, it seems better to answer the question that's on their mind. This short excerpt from the Mohowk-Hudson IMC's great video "Independent Media in a time of War" is one answer to the question.

4) "Voice of the Elders," is an out-take from the Tribal Journey's piece. An elder comments on Arab oil and President Bush.

5) We end with Lila Kitaeff's "Indymedia Presents" ad, "magic glasses."

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