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Episode: BV 16-01 - "Heroin Deaths - Save At Least One Person"

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Heroin Death - Save At Least One Person

"Young people need to know that you can not play around with heroin." - Ken Kline Smeltzer

On a Saturday morning in January 2014, police came to their door and informed Ken that their daughter, Elizabeth Kline Smeltzer had unintentionally overdosed and died. She was nearly 22 years old and had been an occasional user of heroin. "Lizzie" had previously completed a month-long residential drug treatment program.

During 2014, the deaths from heroin increased by 70%. "The problem is," Ken stated, "once you try heroin and it gets in your brain, the memory of that 'high,' stays with you. You can't get rid of that memory. So, when life goes bad or is boring, some make the mistake of trying to relive that 'high.' Heroin is cheap and it can be bought on the street for as little as $10."

Ken believes that being a follower of Jesus often brings conflict, sometimes with the authorities and sometimes within yourself or your family. Ken also discusses the fact that the "war on drugs" has had little affect on the supply of drugs in the streets. He states, "It has been successful in locking many people up in prison." In the case of their daughter, the parents, Bonnie and Ken Kline Smeltzer were interested in assisting the provider of the heroin to get treatment and not prison time.

Bonnie and Ken Kline Smeltzer did not want their daughter's problem to be a secret, hoping people learn of the dangers. Ken shares his journey with Brethren Voices Host, Brent Carlson. Family photos were provided by Bonnie and Ken Kline Smeltzer.

"Young people need to know that you can not play around with heroin." - Ken Kline Smeltzer

Ed Groff, Producer

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TAGS: Heroin Epidemic, Drug Abuse, Heroin, Heroin Overdose, War On Drugs, Church of the Brethren, Danger of Drugs, Drug Treatment,
Published: Jan 2016, ID: BV - 16-01
Category: Education, 27:59
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