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Episode: 0062 Future Talk - Protecting Against Cyberthreats

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The Internet has become the backbone of global commerce and communication, but it’s still highly vulnerable to fraud, theft and sabotage. In this episode of Future Talk, we look at the different types of cyberthreats confronting Internet users, from private citizens concerned about identity theft, to large corporations worried about the theft of financial information, to government agencies fearful of leakage of classified defense secrets. We discuss what’s being done to counter these threats, and who’s winning the endless chess game between those who try to protect data and those who try to compromise it. We have two guests on the program. Chris Porter is Chief Executive Officer of Training Camp, which provides subsidized training and certification programs for IT professionals, many of whom become cybersecurity experts in the government or defense sectors. Since its start 16 years ago, Training Camp has trained and certified nearly 100,000 cyberwarriors. David Shefter is Chief Technology Officer at Ziften Technologies, which makes cybersecurity software for commercial companies. Previously, he was Senior Vice President for Innovation and Emerging Technology at Citigroup. Martin Wasserman hosts.

Episode Short Description: The different types of cyberthreats faced by large companies, government agencies and private individuals, and the efforts made to counter them.

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