Show: Peak Moment - Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times

Episode: 294 The Animals are Allies at Inspiration Farm

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"My worms are my hardest working critters…along with all my other critters." Brian Kerkvliet shows the mobile chicken house area where chickens scratch, eat bugs and plant seeds, spread the compost pile, and fertilize the soil. As they clear one region, they're moved to another, surrounded by a portable electric fence. In spring they plant potatoes by burying potato pieces Brian tosses onto the compost pile. When moved back in fall, they scratch up the new potatoes ready to harvest! The pigs are "natural rototillers" who get placed where Brian wants soil worked up. They eat anything that would otherwise go to waste, and their manure fertilizes the soil. Pouncer the cat keeps down the rodent population. Plus most of the animals provide food for the family. Episode 294. []

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