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Episode: BV 15-08 - "Impressions of Hope" - South Sudan - 22 Years Later with John Jones

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"Impressions of Hope" - South Sudan - 22 Years Later with John Jones

Recently, a group of 7 Church of the Brethren members visited South Sudan, the newest country in Africa. A fragile peace in South Sudan has been a great benefit to its peoples.

For over 30 years the Church of the Brethren has supported the peace making efforts of Brethren staff person, Athanasus Ungang and the Brethren Peace and Service Center in Torit, South Sudan.

Having begun a relationship with Sudanese Brethren in the 1990's, John Jones of Myrtle Point, Oregon reports a story of hope for his "brothers and sisters" of South Sudan.

Sustainable agriculture is one of the benefits of this time of peace in South Sudan. Back in the 1990's during his first visit, one did not see cattle or goats. They were all killed off by war. Today, they are seen all over the country.

Civil war in Sudan began in the 1950's, During the 1980's the Brethren were asked to initiate a Primary Health Care Program for the Western Nuer of Upper Nile Province of Sudan. The scope of this development work for five Brethren was to provide basic health care for persons and cattle as well as digging water wells and promoting food production.

The 1990's saw a second phase of Brethren work on Nuer Bible translation and assisting the New Sudan Council of Churches to unification during the on-going civil war. The major emphasis was the People to People peace movement which helped calm 50 years of civil war leading to the creation of the Republic of South Sudan.

Host: Brent Carlson

Peace, Ed Groff, producer,
"Brethren Voices" - now in the 11th year of sharing what Brethren do, as a matter of faith.
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"Brethren Voices" - now in the 10th year of sharing what Brethren do, as a matter of faith.
Published: Aug 2015, BV 15-08
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