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This week Indymedia presents “Testimonies From Falluja.” One of the guiding priciples of Indymedia is to have the people tell their own stories, to speak for themselves. This video is an outstanding example of this concept. The piece was made in the war zone, by Iraqi videographers shortly after the second US siege of Falluja. Directed by Dr. Hamodi Jasim, with an independent Iraqi crew, the video cut through the baloney to bring out the true situation on the ground. At the time, the US was suppressing information about what had happened in Falluja, and this video played an important role in letting people around the world know of the horror imposed on the citizens of that unlucky city. Dahr Jamail, independent US journalist, who was in Iraq when this piece was made, provides the narration. When we originally showed this piece on “Indymedia Presents #136,” it was the first time the video had been shown on American TV. Dahr brought the piece out of Iraq as a video CD. The PepperSpray Collective converted the VCD to DVD and began US distribution. For those concerned with how the war in Afghanistan is going, watchin g this video about Iraqis quite instructive, since it seems like much of the same thing all over again. For more info about this video, contact the PepperSpray collective:

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