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Episode: 150716 - TvNI - July 16 - Helm 15. update with Prof. Fetzer on ISIS

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150716 - TvNI - July 16 - Helm 15. update with Prof. Fetzer on ISIS

Prof James Fetzer presents solid Evidences of Truths that expose the sick jokes of the mainstream news....

Would you be surprised to learn that ISIS is a creation of the DIA, that it is funded by the CIA and advised by two retired US generals? Here is a show that is going to knock your socks off -- where we even have a new addition from Jim Stone, which is a photo of an ISIS beheading video being shot on a Hollywood stage! Brace yourself! Your government has been lying to you, BIG TIME, and it still is - more than you can imagine!
Was the cartoon character POGO lying when he said (~50 years ago) "We have met the enemy, and he is U.S."?
Stay tuned to the end to learn if You show the symptoms of being a terrorist!

Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. is a weekly public access TV - News-magazine show that gives you hard-hitting Truths vs. the corporate MEDIA'$ $pin on important topics. This is Your Wake-Up Call!

I, Donald T. Grahn, am your mad-as-Hell Host, producer, & tech director with vital updates & Video clips.

Celebrating 10 + years of producing truth-telling TV on Ch.77 / 23 w/ live-streaming and on-demand 24/7 3 shows per week 10 AM & PM Tues, Weds & Thurs. & 11:30 PM Sundays for 3 hours!
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Published: 07/16/2015, ID: 150716 TvNI
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