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Trump Tax Cuts - The king of the comb-over, Donald Trump, has thrown his hairpiece into an already-crowded Republican ring, announcing that he is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Trump's plan calls for to massive tax cuts across all brackets, elimination of corporate and estate taxes, and reduction in the capital gains rate. In April 2011, Trump's proposed a rate structure, or what he called his “Five Part Tax Plan.” The plan would create the following brackets: Up to $30,000 of taxable income: 1% From $30,000 to $100,000: 5% From $100,000 to $1 million: 10% On $1 million or above: 15%,
Declare the Pennies on Your Eyes - The bonanza heirs reaped when the US congress failed to renew the federal estate tax in 2010 was short lived but saved families 45%. The wealthy are now state shopping, particularly when they own assets across multiple states and are captured by multiple taxation schemes at death. States retaining or repealing estate taxes generally reflect welfare or blue states charging the most, with red states offering tax havens. Like birds flying south for the winter, wealthy people are flocking to red states where there is no double, or triple taxation,
Swiss Vote Down Centralized Death Taxes - Over 70% of Swiss voters rejected a proposed federalization of their inheritance tax system. The proposed law would have replaced a system of local inheritance taxes with a centralized system in order to raise money for the country's retirement system. Challengers argued that the proposed law would hurt family businesses and scare away rich residents. Four out of twenty-six Swiss cantons have inheritance taxes on wealth inherited from a parent. Heirs who are not children of the benefactor pay rates ranging from 50% in Grisons to nothing in Schwyz.

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