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Sophia Smallstorm 2006 “911 Mysteries” - PTV
This edited version brings the show to 58 minutes for PTV. Also, the full 90 minute show
is available in three 28 minute parts - see below.

''Something will Happen, when Enough of us Know'' --Sophia

When this movie came out in 2006 it totally stunned the 911 truth movement. It’s professionalism, high production value, a woman’s touch with the edit and voice-over got everyone’s attention and the movie spread rapidly through the movement.

These reviews by 911 Superstars prove the point:

“Wow! Is my reaction to this movie. Great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/2001” – Steven E. Jones, physics professor, Brigham Young University.

“An outstanding contribution to understanding 9/11. Simply superb.” – James H. Fetzer, founder, Scholars for 911 Truth

“Excellent. The best of the 9/11 movies.” – David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor

Unfortunately, the movie was embroiled in a copyright dispute and fell from the public view. Our Public Television (PTV) version brings this great video back to life.

Good in depth review.
Here are some excerpts from the interview:

One documentary that seeks to explore what really happened is the non-rabid “911 Mysteries”. Unlike several recent documentaries ..., the facts offered ... [are not] presented with inflamed emotions and indignity. “911 Mysteries” is the most reserved ... we’ve seen.

I found “911 Mysteries” to be particularly well made, ... it ... hints at a few folks who might have something to gain or to hide. It’s more of a series of “If such-and-such happened then why did…” questions.

“911 Mysteries” does a thorough presentation of documented facts about demolitions and explanations for why they apply to 9/11and the World Trade Center. The information presented begs numerous questions about what happened to the Twin Towers. Consider these examples:

• How did the WTC lobby sustain devastating damage from a hit more than 70 stories above?
• If the floors pancaked as explained by the mainstream media, why didn’t the steel core survive?
• Why did the “pancake collapse” occur at or faster than the speed of gravity?
• What could explain the significant damage to the sixth sub-basement more than 70 floors below the impact point of the passenger jet?
• What was the source and cause of the explosions heard by firemen inside the towers?
• How could the impact of an airplane on the 78th floor cause molten metal in the foundation that continued to remain at temperatures above 1100 degrees for weeks afterwards?
• Why did building 7 (location of the mayor’s bunker, CIA, and SEC computers) come down?
• Who was in charge of security? (President Bush’s brother)
• Why was power to both towers shut down (causing loss of electronic security) for an entire weekend prior to 9/11?
• Why were bomb-sniffing dogs removed?
• To what extent and how was Underwriters Laboratories involved?

Bottom Line: Would I recommend “911 Mysteries”? Yes. It is reasonable and restrained, and provides a large amount of info. It is up to the viewer to decide if it has any merit.
''911 Mysteries''
Written and Directed by Sophia Smallstorm
Sound and Film Editing by Kent Oberlin
Music Steve Baker
In The Wake Production
Avatar, LLC, 2006, 1:30:46
Tags: 911, Mysteries, Sophia Smallstorm, Kent Oberlin, Steve Baker, Steven Jones, NanoThermite, Demolition of WTC, In The Wake Production
Produced: 2006, Episode: SS-911M, Category: Education, 57:55
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