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Episode: 2021 Childrens Corner Lovesday HD

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Episode Description:

In this episode its Lovesday in the World of the Magical Couch. The Sheriff celebrates by performing The Slouch In The Couch Childrens Corner Bands original song: Ill Always Know You, with One Eye, The town dentist and Hairy Harry singing backup vocals; One Eyes sister Annie, chases after Gibberin Bob; Black Bart is interrupted while trying to steal a saddle with all the yelling going on outside the Livery stable from Annie and Gibberin and Sheriff Stephen J takes a trip to the Wilburs of Maine Chocolate Factory where he sees how hard candy lemon drops and peanut butter fudge are made. The daily word of interest is: Confectioner. (words of interest are spelled out and defined in each episode.)

Episode Short Description: Sheriff Stephen J. performs: Ill Always know you, then goes to the Wilburs chocolate factory to see how they make fudge.

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