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Episode: 2020 Childrens Corner The Hoedown HD

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Episode Description:

In this episode, the Sheriff makes nachos for the towns dance being held at the old McPherson Barn; Mr. Dill complains he wants the Sheriff to bake cookies; Black Bart and his gang hear about the dance from Sam the bartender and decide to attend before they rob the train in Prankstown and Lips Lonahan performs The Slouch In The Couch Childrens Corner Bands original tune: The Slouch Rag. The word of interest is: Hoedown. (words of interest are spelled out and defined in each episode.)

Episode Short Description: Sheriff Stephen J. and Black Barts gang go to the towns Hoedown and The Slouch in the Couch Childrens Corner Band song: The Slouch Rag, is performed.

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