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Episode: 1010 Childrens Corner Macaroni Madness HD

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Episode Description:

In this episode: Mr. Dill visits Sheriff Stephen J. to help him figure out what to cook for lunch, Black Barts attempt to rob Ben Weaver fails which forces him to get a job, newly graduated Alphabet Chef Tom drops by to cook Velveeta Mac and Cheese for Sheriff Stephen J. and The Slouch In The Couch Childrens Corner Band perform their hit single, Everybody. This contains part 2 of the Black Bart adventure,Everybody. The daily word of interest is: ridiculous, however two additional words are spelled and defined: impeccable and cuisine. (each episode has a daily word of interest that is spelled and defined.)

Episode Short Description: In this episode: The Sheriff meets new Alphabet Chef Tom who cooks macaroni and cheese, Black Bart gets a job & the band performs the song: Everybody.

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