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Episode: LIFE ENERGIES - Part 2

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What is the force behind a charismatic person? Why are some people born leaders, while others are happy to follow? Can basic psychology, which holds that we are shaped by our environment and influences, explain why one sibling becomes very successful while the other sibling, raised in the same home, becomes dysfunctional or depressed?

Gary Null, Ph.D., has developed a unique system for explaining why people are the way they are, He calls this system Life Energies, and it goes far beyond conventional understandings of personality and behavior. Dr. Null identifies three main personality types, dynamic, adaptive and creative, and shows how each personality type can be used as a tool for understanding or predicting human behavior. Dr. Null has thus devised a novel and workable approach to understanding a variety of personality traits and how these traits can influence motivation, success, and happiness. An awareness of the special Life Energies that each of us possesses can help us to achieve more fulfilling relationships, more harmonious communications, and greater understanding of ourselves and others.

Executive Producer, Writer and Director - Garry Null
Post Production Supervisor - Sloane Cooper
Editor - Frank Reynolds - Editor David Vinik
Assistant Editor - Kevin Lang Graphic Design - Jay Graygor

Gary Null, Ph.D., is a New York Times best-selling author, the host of the talk radio program, "The Gary Null Show," and a producer of documentary films, PBS television programs, and health and personal development videos.

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