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Episode: 150611 - TvNI - June 11 - SPECIAL! Army PsyOps with Scott Bennett

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TvNI - June 11 - SPECIAL! Army PsyOps with Scott Bennett

Third Update, June 18, New interview with Scott and Prof. Fetzer. WOW!!

2nd UPDATE: NEW VITAL POST June 16 [See Video first as basis] MUST READ:
New Intelligence discovery:

Scott Bennett has been in communications with certain Senate staff following his phone calls made with Kathy Rubio on her show "No Hold's Barred".

Bennett has discovered through these conversations some amazing new information detailing fraud, racketeering, and treason.


Father and Son Zakheim involved in racketeerging cover up of UBS-Terrorist Financing Whistleblowing report submitted to Congressional Armed Services Committees and Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Military.


Roger Zakheim, son of Dov Zakheim, worked at Armed Services Committee and prevented Bennett's whistleblowing reports from being examined. Before that Roger Zakheim worked at the Pentagon.

Roger Zakheim now works at the Washington DC law firm, Covington and Burling--the same firm that Lanny Breuer and Michael Chertoff work. This law firm represented Union Bank of Switzerland, whose Swiss Bank accounts now finance many ISIS operations and Libya gun running operations to Syria--as disclosed in the Dept. of Defense report obtained through the Freedom of Informmation Act Request by Judicial Watch (accountability group in Washington DC).

Roger Zakheim's father, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, managed the Terrorist Threat Finance contracts for Booz Allen Hamilton--and concealed all Union Bank of Switzerland involvement with Terrorist Financing. Dov Zakheim hired, then fired Bennett when he discovered contractor fraud, and filed reports on the subject.

Lanny Breuer returned recently to UBS law firm Covington and Burling:
Eric Holder also worked at Covington and Burling, before joining Obama's Justice Dept. Holder and Breuer prosecuted UBS whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld and silence his UBS disclosures. Edward Snowden was also the CIA asset who witnessed the CIA operations originally targeting Birkenfeld for economic espionage information.

Covington and Burling Represents Union Bank of Switzerland, and UBS now also has contract with the Clinton Foundation:

Clinton Foundation President is now Donna Chalela....
Donna Chalela is incidentally is the aunt of Scott Bennett's lawyer, David Chalela, who backstabbed Bennett and concealed essential evidence from Bennett and helped Bennett be imprisoned. David Chalela recently tried to silence Bennett from speaking by falsely claiming he had created "fake websites claiming to be impersonating Chalela". Bennett has consquently filed a Bar complaint to the Florida Bar, and to the Court hearing his appeal.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.



A Profound, shocking interview* with a true American ex-soldier who took and still takes his oath seriously to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, Scott Bennett, who has paid ta high price for telling the truth.

Well worth watching if You want to know the truth about the corruption that has rotted our $ociety.

Helpful Hint: Better watch this program lying on the floor so you won't get hurt falling off your chair!!

Friday June 5, Scott did a show with Jim Fetzer about Swiss Banking Financing, CIA-Snowden-Birkenfeld connections, and Union Bank of Switzerland

*Want more - lots more? - check out his site's videos:!video/cb4d

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