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Each year the Sun returns to the exact same position (by degree) it was at our birth. This is referred to as the "solar return." Interestingly enough, that exactitude is not always on your birthday. The Sun can return to the exact same position as your birthday on potentially three different days--the day before; the day of; or the day after your birthday. However, when the Sun does return to the exact degree/minute/second of your original birth it is considered to be an important moment. Although the Sun returns to the exact spot once a year, the rest of the planets in your astrology chart are in different positions and often in different signs and houses. What that return indicates is a fascinating window on what the year ahead holds for the individual. This is a tried and true methodology used by astrologers to help people plan their lives based on the events that unfold in a new year. Think of this as a birthday present with insight into your year ahead. In this segment, astrologer and Turning of the Wheel host, speaks with colleague, Dietrich Pessin about this amazingly accurate event.

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