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Episode: 150521 - TvNI - May 21 - Activist and Hagopian Face The Future

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TvNI - May 21 - Activist and Hagopian Face The Future

Published on May 19, 2015

Seattle Community Media:

In this second Interview with American Hero Joachim Hagopian, Activist Angel gets solid promises to write about abundant energy, geo-engineering and SOLUTIONS!
Watch as Activist and Pastor Don get the very best from his guests to help build a better human future!

Below are the links I have gathered about LENR & other terrific SOLUTIONS websites & Ideas.
LENR is simply the energy tech that has made it the furthest, for a summary of the amazing hidden abundant technologies and politics

The basics of Global Transformation through local empowerment are:

LOCAL ENGERGY (See above, and below)

LOCAL FOOD (Aquaponics is a great new resource, also vertical farming, permaculture. Once people have energy, everyone gets a year round greenhouse)

LOCAL CURRENCY (This one is huge)

See how Iceland made a difference:


Here's what a city in Greece is doing:

WORKER OWNED COOPERATIVES: (Bernie Sanders is hot on this one)
A trailer for a great documentary on this, "Shift Change."

We all know the hidden history of the suppression of industrial hemp:
Great song:

If we can believe in Miracles, use our imagination, and offer real solutions, we can break this "Terror Management" monopoly, end the wars for oil, nuclear power plants, power lines. (Google "Turning Oil In To Salt")

The ET presence and how disclosure happens is vital to any leadership and scholarship on the issue of transformation.

And here are a list of great links on LENR
Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or "Cold Fusion" It is undeniably breaking through.
(Also, If this girl is for real, we are seeing the open source gifting of real plans for Quantum Energy Generators)


60 Minutes piece on the reality of "Cold Fusion" (12 minutes long)

INCREDIBLE 45 minute documentary on "Cold Fusion" For a great

MIT Professor presentation on LENR running since January 2012 till May 2012 (11 minutes, May 2012)

Part 2 (MIT Professor on LENR 13 minutes)

Part 3, 2 minutes, explains how another MIT professor shut down his private funding! So Dry!

most recent article in Oil about successful LENR device entering the race

A good website that honestly discusses Andrea Rossi's commercial E-Cat LENR generator
Another good site

We can do it! Yes we can!!

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