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Program No. 724
“The Program for World Economic Recovery,” Pt. 1

For years, Lyndon LaRouche has warned us that the U.S. economy was heading into a breakdown crisis. He has repeatedly indicated measures, which, if taken, would have worked to avoid it. And now, with Congress’s betrayal to Wall Street, Mr. LaRouche has, once again, repeated his warnings of a New Dark Age. This edition of The LaRouche Connection features Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks to an event sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee in Washington, DC on Oct. 1. Debra Freeman moderated the event.

LaRouche: “There’s been nothing like the crisis that faces us today, since a comparable crisis in Europe during the medieval period, the New Dark Ages: we are on the verge of global hyperinflation and complete collapse of the entire planet into a New Dark Age.” “We would not be in the crisis we’re in today, if people like Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, had not prevented the actions which I had specified.” “The bailout method, itself, is [now] the driving force of global hyperinflation.”

The problem with our economy, is that “from 1967-68 until today, measured in physical productive output—not money—the United States has been declining in economic power, physically per capita, per square kilometer, over every year, under every Presidency. There has been prosperity for some, in terms of money, but there was no improvement in our infrastructure; we’ve lost industries.”

What are the remedies?

1. Keep homeowners in their houses. No evictions. Make arrangements to manage the downsizing of the mortgage debt, most of which is fraudulent to begin with.
2. Keep essential banking functions going. Restore Glass-Steagall. Set 4% as the basic lending rate, except for government projects which are in the national interest, certified by the Congress, which would have a lower rate.
3. Approach Russia, China, and India, to put the entire world into bankruptcy reorganization and establish a new, Rooseveltian, Bretton Woods system. This will be a credit, not a monetary, system.

“We need a mobilization of the productive power of the United States, which is largely machine-too-design and related things, to build our infrastructure, to re-build our manufacturing,” so we can build our way out of this collapse: transportation systems, especially magnetically-levitated rail; water management systems, to replenish our dwindling fossil reserves, and protect our cities; electrical power generation and distribution systems, primarily nuclear. And we will use this new productivity to re-build the world.

Mr. LaRouche closed on “the danger that somebody in the White House is going to think about calling the troops out to suppress the population, if they don’t like the vote they think they’re going to get from the second vote in the House of Representatives. People have to understand that. You’ve got fascism in this country, right now. And the center of fascism is right in the White House.” Only if the American people make it clear, that they will not tolerate this, will Congress be made to do what is right.

[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine, Vol. 35, No. 40 (Oct. 10, 2008), pp. 4-39. On line at]

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