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On episode #364 Indymedia presents back-to-back joints from our favorite Puerto Rican in Canada, Franklin Lopez. We’re talking about episodes 10 &11 of his brash series “It’s the End of the World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine.” We can never get enough of “The Simulator” and his wicked political perspective!

Perhaps most thought provoking is the material regarding the attention anti-2010 Olympics activists in Vancouver, Canada are getting from intelligence agents. Its Franklin at his best, as he interviews a woman in a police hat and pig ears who comments that the Olympics are a great excuse for the security state to ramp up targeting of environmental, indigenous, globalization, animal rights and other activists in a way that normally would be unacceptable. The security dollars are flooding into Vancouver and the season has opened on activists of all sorts. We have seen this sort of thing before, during the Democratic and Republican national conventions in the US, for example. For those who believe fascism stopped with the guy who wore the little mustache, here’s some insight in Technicolor to shake your faith.
End of the World Episode 10:
1. Your tax dollars at work… in Obamastan_
2. A cum blast from the past
3. Future crimes today
4. The Winter Olympigs
5. Worldwide Resistance Report
6. Ska-P
7. Ward Churchill deconstruct’s Obama’s Cairo speech

Episode 11 has “The Stimulator” reporting on repression in the streets of Iran, but the footage is from St. Paul during the Republican National Convention. And you wonder why we love this guy?
End of the World Episode 11:
1. The King of Cock
2. Twiran
3. Honduras Coup Plug
4. Mayan’s fight back against Goldcorp
5. The ELF strikes in Mexico
6. Jim Hansen’s Coal Theater
7. Uribe’s new boss
8. cOalbama’s clean energy plan
9. Really clean CO2 free transport
10. Emergency Broadcast Network
11. Nickelsville USA

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