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Episode: BV 15-03 - "One Voice - Making A Difference - Near And Far" - New Community Project - David Radcliff

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"One Voice - Making A Difference - Near And Far" - New Community Project - David Radcliff

 “God called this creation, “Good, we’re just about to call it Gone,” states David Radcliff, Director of the New Community Project. The goal of the New Community Project is pretty big, “to change the World by the way we relate to this planet. It’s likely to change one person at a time. Unfortunately, it’s going to take some speedy action if we’re going to save Earth from all of us humans. “We’re all in this together,” David exclaims. 

For David Radcliff and the New Community Project, it means educating people about what is happening to this Earth and attempting to find some solutions. Radcliff continues to demonstrate that one person can make a difference.

Julia Keeney, David’s granddaughter is “on-board” with saving the Earth. She shares a few things that she has learned about palm oil and the need to save the rain forests.

“Brethren Voices” caught up with David while sharing a message at Harrisburg’s First Church of the Brethren. He discusses the fact that violence does not work. “Jesus was a lot smarter than we are. He knew that responding to violence with violence made things worse and was not a lasting solution.”
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Published: March 2015, BV 15-03
Category: Education, 27:57
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