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This month on THE COFFEE HOUSE:

It's called "Einstein 3" but critics contend it should be called "Orwell" instead. It is a pilot program, soon to be rolled out, intended to secure government computer networks against intrusion and hacking. But unlike its predecessors Einstein 1 & 2, that scanned for malicious code by studying network traffic patterns, Jesselyn Radack, Homeland Security director at the Government Accountability Project, observes that Einstein 3 is content based, scanning the substance of our communications, and thereby poses an even graver danger to privacy than the secret NSA wiretapping under the Bush administration. (Host: Mark Cohen)

Paul Butler formerly served as a hard-nosed prosecutor taking bad guys down and off the streets. That is, he did so until cops mistook him for a bad guy and he suddenly found the criminal justice system tables turned on him. Now a law professor, Butler is the author of "Let's Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice". (Host: Angela J. Davis)

Lifelong civic activist Esther Gelman wants to make college affordable for all, especially those with the least. She is cobbling together funds to ensure that high schoolers who may not have the best grades (because they work almost full-time in addition to going to school) get a shot at a college education. (Host: Jamie Raskin)

In Northeast DC, we visit the Archie Edwards blues barbershop, named for a alented Piedmont bluesman who made his living cutting hair. But on Saturdays, when a critical mass of musicians of all stripes and skills wandered into the barber shop, Archie turned off his razor and picked up an acoustic guitar. After Archie died, denizens of the shop bought the store and turned it into a living museum where blues is still played most every Saturday afternoon. (Produced by Peter Kent and Mark Cohen)

And poet Thomas Sayers Ellis has "A Slow Fade to Black".

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