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Program No. 726
“The Program for World Economic Recovery,” Pt. 3

With Congress’s betrayal to Wall Street, Mr. LaRouche has, once again, repeated his warnings of a descent into the abyss of New Dark Age. Program 724 featured all but 10 minutes of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks to an event sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee in Washington, DC Oct. 1. Program 725 featured the last 10 minutes, plus six questions from the discussion session. We now complete the Discussion Session. Debra Freeman moderates.

• From the editor-in-chief of a major policy journal in Washington, formerly a columnist for Business Week: How does the Federal Reserve manage to pump trillions of dollars into Wall Street to prop up the faltering investment banks, to the detriment of the taxpayer? How is what the Federal Reserve Bank doing, by lending money to banks through repurchase agreements, credit auctions, or other methods, different from what Treasury Secretary Paulson is telling the public what he is doing?

• From a political consultant and pollster: “A good number of House members voted ‘no’ on Monday because they feared what their constituents would do to them if they didn’t. Couldn’t this lynch mob environment also be dangerous?”

• From someone in the audience: “When do we take to the streets?”

• From a black State Senator: “Watching the way that the government is responding to the current crisis, I’m beginning to wonder if black people shouldn’t begin to worry about attempted genocide.”

• From a PRD Congressman in Mexico: “How did you manage to foresee this crisis back in the 1970s?”

• From another PRD Congressman in Mexico: “In Mexico, people are saying what’s happening now in the U.S. is an American equivalent of the massive government bailout of Mexico’s bankrupt banks in the 1990s. Why do you say that that’s not the case, and what are the implications?”

• From an Argentina official: “In addition to your proposals for reforming the international financial system, what measures should governments adopt regarding their own central bank reserves?”

• Composite question from former Hillary Clinton campaign activists: “Where are the real leaders of our Party? Why are they not speaking out? Surely, somebody besides you has some idea of what to do.”

• From a Democratic strategist: Please comment again on your statement after the Democratic and Republican Conventions that the candidates of the moment were not necessarily the candidate’s we’d have when we went to the polls in November.

• Composite question from members of the LaRouche Youth Movement: “Given the disaster that the two leading candidates represent, how do we make policy through the broader institution of the Presidency.”

[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine, Vol. 35, No. 40 (Oct. 10, 2008), pp. 4-39. On line at]

Release Date: Nov. 10, 2008

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