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Program No. 728
“The Last Chance for Civilization?” Pt. 2

On Nov. 1, 2008 Lyndon LaRouche issued what he called the “November 11 Resolution,” in which he presented the indispensable measures to be taken in the face of the now hopelessly bankrupt world monetary system. He issued this Resolution as a discussion document for a private meeting to be held on that date, in Washington, with a satellite meeting in New York City, and identified the period between Nov. 11-19, as decisive for forcing a change in policy, at least among a leading group representing the institution of the U.S. Presidency. During that 9-day period, in addition to the Nov. 11 meeting, Mr. LaRouche gave an international webcast on Nov. 18, and a second private meeting on Nov. 19.

During this brief, but crucial time, Lyndon LaRouche shook the world, as can be seen, in part, by the participation of members of President-elect Obama’s transition team in the discussion following the webcast, and by the questions and comments which poured in from across the globe.

Featured in this edition of The LaRouche Connection, is the conclusion of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks to the international webcast event in Washington, DC, Nov. 18, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, plus six questions from the discussion session. The entire event was moderated by Harley Schlanger.

From the Discussion Session:

From someone at a well-known Washington, DC policy journal: Given that nothing positive was going to come out of the G20 meeting, and the follow-up meeting is now scheduled for way out in April, 2009, could the initiative for a four-power agreement come from somewhere other than the U.S., such as Russia?

From someone with the Obama transition team: Please address both the bankruptcy vs. bailout issue; and also indicate what you see is the viability of the American auto industry.

From another person with the Obama transition team: “The first 100 days of Obama’s Presidency: What would your order of battle be?”

From an old friend from Beijing, China: Under a New Bretton Woods system, what do you think about a global currency arrangement? Should it still be the U.S. dollar, or a basket of currencies? Or should we create a new currency?

From Manuel Frias, a prominent engineer in Mexico: On whether or not to have a new currency. If yes, should the new currency arrangement be linked to gold, or to a basket of currencies?

From a group of state legislators, who had introduced the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA) in their state legislatures: State Sen. Constance Johnson (Oklahoma City, OK); State Sen. Joey Pendelton (Hopkinsville, KY); State Rep. Jameela Nashid (St. Louis, MO): What should we do in terms of the HBPA, considering it has been blocked by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; what remedies are there for state governments, where you have growing unemployment, and huge deficits?

[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine, Vol. 35, No. 47 (Nov. 28, 2008), pp. 4-39. On line at]

Release Date: Dec. 15, 2008

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