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Episode: 13 The Legal Edition: Managing The Risks Of Climate Change While Averting Economic Disaster-Dr. Dale Jorgenson, Harvard Univ.

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Full Show Topic: Managing the Risks of Climate Change While Averting Economic Disaster (an overview)

Guest: Dr. Dale Jorgenson, Ph.D., Samuel W. Morris University Professor of Economics at Harvard University, and Professor of Policy at John F. Kennedy School of Government

Dr. Jorgenson 's tenure includes: past President of the American Economic Association (2000)–and named a Distinguished Fellow of the Association (2001). He served as a Founding Member of the Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy of the National Research Council (1991); and Chairman of its Board (1998 to 2006). Additionally, he served as Chairman of Section 54, Economic Sciences, of the National Academy of Sciences (2000 to 2003); in addition to holding office as President of the Econometric Society (1987). He is the recipient of several prestigious awards, and has authored more than 36 books and 300 articles on Economics. He most recently co-authored, 'Double Dividend: Environmental Taxes and Fiscal Reform in the United States.'

Discussion focus is on the issue of climate change, recent EPA rulings, in addition to economic productivity and the overwhelming need to minimize economic loss. With the increase in the frequency and intensity of violent storms, extreme weather conditions–as well as arid growing conditions–business and industry must brace for the additional costs of lost productivity, loss of property, loss of life, and increase in insurance costs that may drive prices higher than ever anticipated by consumers and CEO’s. Yet, the cost of doing nothing about climate change is no longer a viable option–as insurers refuse to underwrite high-risk areas of the country as well as the most vulnerable industries. Unlike the past, costs of rebuilding infrastructures may no longer be be borne by the government to reestablish communities devastated by coastal storms, inland hurricanes and tornadoes–especially where insurers had refused to underwrite them and Congress has not appropriated monies to rebuild. Whether acknowledged or not–climate change is here to stay..and policymakers need to stop that debate and start finding solutions to manage its affects. Experts agree–we are in uncharted territory with no time to spare–and as a result of procrastination and spurious debate–we must mitigate the risks in ways unprecedented in the past. This is one show that not only will focus on the financial affects of climate change, but the devastating market affects on the economy and on the American public if left unabated. Like it or Not–the Scientific Majority are in Consensus–climate change is real! The time has long passed on that debate..Now it’s time to find solutions. This is one episode of The Legal Edition that will give economic and policy assessments to this oft debated and often ill informed issue.

Dr. Jorgenson--a much sought after scholar on the Economy & Climate Change. He provides solid, empirical, evidence-based discussion on whether climate change is real and the economic effects that will occur if left unabated. This is one episode of The Legal Edition that will provide economic assessments and mitigation strategies of one of the most critical issues of our time.

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