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Episode: Free DC w AC Byrd Sam Jordan

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Political control of Washington DC was taken from it's Citizens a few years ago. When Republicans controlled the House AND the Senate, one of the first things they did, was to ELIMINATE THE ELCTED CITY COUNCIL AND MAYOR!! The ostensible REASON? for this was that the District had a deficeit.(Like Congress!!). Arizona didn't have it's elected officials disbanded when they had run deficeits. DC is a mainly minority population, and this program examines the Plantation-like treatment District Residents were made to bear. The District has 30,00 CHILDREN who live in homes with LESS THAN $10,000 income--FROM ALL SOURCES! The Control Board (Near Nazi-like terminology) created for this "task"-appointed an Army General, to run the schools. Nothing changed positively, and anarchy was created when they created born-to-fail-"charter schools". Once these experiments failed, the real estate vultures swept down, and now, notably NEAR A METRO STOP at Potomac Metro stop, new condominiums occupy the space, and even some of the same school buildings that were there before. We got rid of this "CONTROL BOARD", but not before we had to CLOSE THE ONLY HOSPITOL IN DC THAT WOULD ACCEPT UNINSURED PATIENTS, AND LINE THEM UP WITH MEDICAID. Surely this, was the lowest the United States has ever fallen. Throwing out MEDICAID PATIENTS INTO AN ALREADY OVER-STRESSED MEDICAL SYSTEM. So much for DEMOCRACY in the Capitol of the United States of America. Pitiful!

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