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Episode: 05 The Legal Edition: Show Topic: Common Good Investing & Common Good Capitalism (Part 1) Dr. Terry Mollner of Ben & Jerry's

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The Legal Edition Episode #5:
Full Show Title: Common Good Investing, The Next Layer in the Maturation of Socially Responsible (Part 1 of 2):

Guest: Dr. Terry Mollner, a Founder of Calvert Social Investment Funds and the Calvert Foundation & Pioneer of the First Socially Responsible Mutual Funds; Board Member of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream; Author & Lecturer.

Show Part 1 of 2: Common Good Investing: A New Path To Common Good Capitalism

Guest: Dr. Terry Mollner, a Founder of Calvert Social Investment Funds and the Calvert Foundation, Pioneer of the First Socially Responsible Mutual Funds, Chair of the Trusteeship Institute and Stakeholders Capital, Board Member of Ben & Jerry’s, and Author & Lecturer on Common Good Investing will be discussing Common Good Investing & Common Good Capitalism With the Host & Producer of The Legal Edition, Attorney & Business Consultant, Mary Kay Elloian, M.B.A., J.D..

Discussion includes: ‘Socially Responsible Investing.’ Dr. Mollner draws on Decades of Experience as a ‘Pioneer in Social Responsible and Impact Investing’ since the 1970′s to elaborate on how Common Good Capitalism will Emerge Victorious on Wall Street and the Nation. Focus is on how purely profit-driven companies will fade into the past, and will no longer be a progressive business model for doing business and attracting new investors and capital. The ‘profits first model’ will give way to a more Robust and Community-Based Business Model of Capitalism embracing the reality that ‘we are all in this together.’ A reality that becomes all too apparent when we see our economy still sluggish after several months of economic downturn and stagnicity.

Exploration includes how corporate profits via public trust and confidence actually increase when corporations set their priorities to provide ‘first’ for ‘The Common Good’ and ‘Do The Right Thing’ by their Employees, their Communities, their Stakeholder, and the Environment. Further discussion will include the stages of ‘Maturity’ for Corporations and Nations as Identified by the Common Good Business Model, to build toward an ‘Evolutional Hierarchy’ of Maturity of caring for The Common Good. (See part 2).

It is unmistakable, that Redefining Business Priorities to Align With The Common Good, actually affects the corporate and national bottom line in a powerful and productive way. That ‘Good Will’ is not just a Business School Precept, but a clear reality in today’s emerging world of ‘Socially Conscious’ Businesses and Consumers. An In-depth analysis of the History and Evolution of ‘Common Good Investing,’ will provide a clear blueprint on how Common Good Capitalism will Inevitably Emerge in the Private Sector as ‘Fully Funded’ by Wall Street, and ‘Embraced’ by Corporations as a means to Ensure their Own Survival.

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