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Program No. 734
“Britain’s Dope, Inc.: Marker for Humanity’s New Dark Age”

The March 7 edition of The LaRouche Show, the weekly Saturday internet radio program, featured an interview with Dennis Small, Ibero-America Editor for EIR magazine, and Ben Deniston, from the staff of the LaRouche Political Action Committee’s website editorial department, conducted by Michelle Steinberg, Counter-Intelligence Co-Editor of EIR. The topic: the release of the most comprehensive look at the international illegal narcotics and drug-money-laundering business, and the Anglo-Dutch financial cartel that runs it, since EIR’s groundbreaking study in 1996. The one-hour program was videotaped for The LaRouche Connection.

Before delving directly into the new study, Ms. Steinberg set the tone for the program by playing a 2-minute audio clip from a meeting addressed earlier in the day by Lyndon LaRouche:

“We are presently in a state of war. It’s a war against the British Empire. The United States’s existence is being attacked by the British Empire, and we have this crazy fascist, former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair coming in, and brainwashing a bunch of not only our citizens, but some of our members of Congress. And we sit back, sloppily, trying not to upset people, when our job is, in a sense, to fight a war against them! I don’t want to say that Amity Sleeze or Shlaes, or whatever, is really human, and therefore, we can attack her quite freely. But we’re really going after these guys who are acting up. and we are attacking the Liberty League, as it exists today, and that’s the entire Wall Street-centered crowd, which is conducting the present attack on the President of the United States, but trying to attack not only the President, in the same way that the fascists of the Liberty League association attacked Roosevelt back in the middle of the 1930s, especially in the ’36 to ’38 period, but, we have the Liberty League revived in terms of its reincarnations as a fascist organization, mobilized to defend Wall Street in service to the British Empire, which is also fascist.”

Mr. Small then provided an overview of the package of articles in the Feb. 27 issue of EIR. “We’ve followed, studied, and fought this for 30 years. The British and their allies have been intent on using the drug trade today exactly as they used the Opium Wars against China in the 19th Century for various purposes:

(1) We’re in the middle of the most enormous collapse of the world’s financial system, not seen since the 14th Century. One way the British are attempting to save their role as the dominant political controllers of the system, is to use the drug trade and its very substantial funds ($800 billion) in liquid cash, to bolster the financial bubble.

(2) Moving directly to make sure the Obama Administration does nothing different than during the numerous years we spent “in the Bushes” on the drug war. The Bushes not only didn’t fight it, but they pushed drugs. The British don’t want President Obama breaking away from this approach. Attorney General Eric Holder’s joint operations with Mexico and Canada to bust up the Sinaloa Cartel is the kind of approach the British don’t want. We want the British to be even more disappointed with Obama—an absolute break with the pro-drug policy.

(3) Culture warfare: menticide. The very heart of what the British believe the world should be, is that human beings are really not human, not creative, but are to be treated as cattle. And the best way to get to this ‘happy’ state of affairs, is to get the population drugged. The British are the masterminds of this approach.”

Small continued: “The only effective way to fight this, is to build a new kind of economics, which views the quadrillion dollars of financial aggregates as a cancer. We need a science of ‘onconomy’ to cut out this Ponzi scheme. Denying the $1-2 trillion of very liquid drug money and its multipliers will clearly help. In the recent Bernie Madoff case, it was discovered he was, lo and behold, laundering drug money from Russia and from the Colombian cartels. It is a microcosm of the overall situation we face today. We take down Dope, Inc., an international cartel controlled at the top by the British, and we remove one of the crucial props under the entire British system.”

There followed a discussion of the meat of the new EIR study: the main drugs and where they produced, with particular emphasis on the widening opium-production in Afghanistan, especially in the British-controlled areas since 2001.

The phrase “narco-terrorism,” coined by Lyndon LaRouche, identifies the fact that the illegal drug trade is run centrally, internationally, by a unified cartel with Britain (the City of London financial district) at the top, whose purpose is a war against the world’s population. Terrorist forces around the world are deployed by those same British imperial forces behind the drug trade, e.g., the Taliban (Afghanistan), the FARC (Colombia), Sendero Luminoso (Peru). The provision and consumption is not a matter of “supply and demand,” but rather one of a brutal “managed market” by those at the top.

Ben Deniston then referenced a pamphlet issued by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, entitled “Your Enemy: George Soros,” which identifies Soros’s role in dope trafficking and in pushing drug legalization all over the world. His handler, British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, U.K. Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, served as vice-chairman of billionaire Soros’s Quantum Fund hedge-fund, and also vice-chairman of Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Ms. Steinberg discussed the cases of three former Ibero-American Presidents-- César Gaviria – President of Colombia from 1990-1994; Fernando Henrique Cardoso – President of Brasil from 1995-2002; and Ernesto Zedillo – President of Mexico from 1994-2000—all of whom destroyed their countries when they were President, directly opening up their countries to the drug trade through the policies of free trade and globalization. They are now serving as frontmen for drug legalization. All three have been recruited by Soros into his Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, which is calling for drug legalization. Meanwhile, the illicit drugs now flow up to the United States, while money and high-caliber weapons go down. Soros has financed every single effort to legalize drugs in the U.S., and continues to do so.

Published originally in 1978 by associates of Lyndon LaRouche, the book Dope, Inc. led to the founding of the National Anti-Drug Coalition and its magazine, War on Drugs. At that time, the pro-drug lobby was financed by the Playboy Foundation, Richard Dennis (a commodities trader), and, behind the scenes, by fascist economist Milton Friedman from the Univ. of Chicago, who was behind the fascist dictator of Chile, Augusto Pinochet. All these folks tried to make the argument for drug criminalization at that time, but LaRouche organizers stopped it dead in its tracks.

In the Mid-1990s, in state after state, the LaRouche movement fought decriminalization and free trade. Operating in 30 countries, George Soros came in with billions, to set up such outfits as the Open Society Institute (OSI), Human Rights Watch, the Drug Policy Foundation, etc. to push legalization.

We can defeat the British-imposed cultural pessimism. We must and can win the war on drugs. We can use high-technology methods to detect and eradicate 90% of the crops, interdict and seize up to 70% of the remaining 10%. We can shut down the financial side of things. The millions who are now literal slaves to the drug system can be productively employed in massive new infrastructure projects, including new water systems, high-energy-dense nuclear power systems and advanced magnetically-levitated mass transport.

Ben Deniston rebutted the argument made by the pro-drug lobby that governments could prosper by legalizing and then taxing the drug trade.

Dennis Small reminded viewers of the “silver or lead” policy used to corrupt local politicians, in which they are given the opportunity to accept bribes, or have family members shot. To defeat this, we need to be sure we know what we’re actually fighting for: what it means to be human—a creative soul capable of contributing to the advancement of society. A successful war on drugs must be based on a world system of sovereign nations, where the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia Principle of the interest of the other is paramount, where countries cooperate based on their common interest.

The United States has critical elements to provide: technology, intelligence, and an overall political commitment to after this, especially on the financial side. If we do this, we will find patriots in every country who will look to the U.S. as their ally to save their own countries from a dark age.

[See EIR magazine Vol. 36, No. 8 (Feb. 27, 2009), pp. 4-49: “Britain’s Dope, Inc.: Marker for Humanity’s New Dark Age.” On line at]

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