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Program No. 733
“The Astounding High Cost of ‘Free’ Energy”

The February 28 edition of The LaRouche Show, the weekly Saturday internet radio program, featured a discussion of the ugly truth that wind and solar power (so-called ‘clean’ or ‘renewable’ or ‘sustainable’ or even ‘free’ energy sources), as the answer to our energy needs, would result in mass depopulation of the planet. Guest Host Nancy Spannaus, Editor of EIR Magazine, interviewed Laurence Hecht, Editor-in-Chief of 21st Century Science and Technology magazine, joined by LaRouche Youth Movement members Ben Deniston and Alexandra Perebikovsky. The one-hour program was videotaped for The LaRouche Connection.

Ms. S. began by pointing out the insanity which is governing energy policy today. “The idea that we have ‘free’ energy out there in the wind and sun, that can just be captured and ‘free us from the dictatorship of foreign oil,’ has become a cultural paradigm in the U.S. for at least 40 years. It is a deadly virus in thinking, than can destroy any hope of mankind to get out of the crisis we’re in.”

Mr. H. began with the same polemic he used in his article from the Feb. 13 edition of EIR: “If you are thinking of going with wind and solar energy, you should envision the billion children you are condemning to death. To maintain a global population in a condition resembling a modern 21st Century standard of living, will require an installed electrical generating capacity of at least 3-5 kilowatts per capita. Today, only the Untied States, Japan, and a few western European countries even approximate this level of generating capacity. One-third of humanity today, however, has no access to electricity. We have an obligation to bring the rest of the world up to current U.S. levels, even while we continue to raise the levels in the U.S.”

After defining watts as measure of power, Mr. Hecht then elaborated on the basics of power production, including giving a small demonstration with a magnet and a coil, giving many examples of the absolute absurdity of claims that wind and solar power could provide the electricity required for the planet.

Mr. D. and Ms. P. discussed their approach to organizing our citizenry against the prevailing culture, with emphasis on the fact that nuclear power represents not just “electricity,” but a transformative power of man’s role in the universe.

Ms. P. “We must go to ever higher energy-dense technologies, such as nuclear and fusion. We need to go to new domains that we haven’t explored as human beings, such as the sub-atomic and the extremely large. That’s where we must go so that civilization can live. Otherwise we’re headed for a dark age.”

Ms. S.: “Every human on the planet has a right to a power over nature represented by 3-5 kw, but we seem to have a problem getting people to agree with us. What kind of pedagogy might help us break through on this?”

Mr. D.: “We’ve been dong a lot of work on this existential crisis on our LaRouche PAC website with our videos. The thinking that’s gone into so-called green, soft, free technologies has brought us to the point of economic collapse. We must make that very clear. Since the late 1960s, there has been a shift away from industrial progress, to the point that today we’re unable to support ourselves. Look at the state of the nation’s infrastructure: energy, transit, water. With the current rate of collapse, we need to make some very quick decisions on getting out of this crisis.”

Ms. P.: “With the new [Obama] Administration, we have the possibility to create some new policy directions for the nation, which we were unable to do in the past 8 years.” And all of this depends on electricity, in every area.

Mr. H.: The susceptibility to the ‘free energy’ fraud is very similar to the susceptibility to the ‘free money’ fraud, in the last 10 years of Alan Greenspan’s get-rich-quick-mentality investment schemes. What’s been lost, is the sense of the productive capability of society. The money system is, in fact, only there to support the physical economic system.”

It is precisely how a technology contributes to physical transformations of the economy, which gives it its value, not how much money it costs. The transformative power of a technology goes back to the use of fire. Nuclear power is the fire of today.

Mr. H. underscored this notion, and how mankind’s enemy always realized the danger that nuclear power represented to their schemes. He noted that it has been 100 years since scientists made the relevant breakthroughs on the nature of the atom, which opened the door to the development of nuclear power—a fact we should be celebrating. He referenced a new paper he is working on, called “Is the Fear of Radiation Constitutional?” Beginning with the Truman Administration, the “Cold War” was used to prevent the spread of nuclear power to civilian uses. It is not natural for Americans to be afraid of high technology. The idea of a challenge comes naturally. There’s an organized force responsible for the ideology wherein we are now willing to kill our own country.

Mr. B. reminded of 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200, authored by then Sec. of State Henry Kissinger, which warned against “over-population” and “limited resources,” and that the underdeveloped countries of the world were to be kept only as places to be looted of raw materials and not developed industrially. “Most people are unwilling to recognize the existence of this outside imperialist force, whose active intention is to keep the population largely in a feudal bestialized condition, to maintain them in backwardness.”

There followed a discussion of the World War II era Manhattan Project, Eisenhower’s post-war Atoms for Peace program, and the promise of peaceful uses of thermonuclear fusion. Notions of “sustainability”—that there’s some kind of natural equilibrium which humans are interfering with and throwing off balance—is a crazy idea that’s come to dominate today’s culture, which must be turned around. The history of society has always been continual upshifts in population density and state of organization.

Ms. S. concluded with the thought that each of us must look into our own mental state as we make breakthroughs in thinking about things. “We’ve seen a resurgence of interest in nuclear power all over the world, but it is still “underground” in the U.S. If the lights are not to go out in the immediate period ahead, join with us in the fight to turn around what threatens to become a dark age—in more ways than one.”

[For the article by Laurence Hecht on the subject of this discussion, see EIR magazine, Vol. 36, No. 6 (Feb. 13, 2009), pp. 4-17. On line at]

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