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1. It is easy to say bad things about almost anyone. This morning I got an email containing all kinds of bad things about President Clinton. My friend writes, “he decimated Welfare to the point where the NY Times is documenting the complete loss of the safety net, he signed on to the North American Free Trade Agreement to complete the giant sucking sound of jobs going...into the ether...he fulfilled every dream of the corporatists except for his Supreme Court picks....AND he gave the idiots fuel against him with his silly dalliance with Monica.” I’ve got to disagree with my friend on the last one and hundreds of politicians and preachers and next door neighbors will agree with me. Having an affair wasn’t bad. Getting caught was bad.
12. The three years I spent at exercise class in front of a TV screen with the other retirees at the rec hall has paid off. Today I noticed that my arms and legs look exactly like those of the woman on the screen.
11. If you were to Google The New York State Society for Respiratory Care you might be surprised at what you might find. If you read through this web page, as I did, you will learn that the Student Sputum Bowl final competition is held annually each fall during the South Eastern Chapter Symposium. I’d like to know a little bit more about this Sputum Bowl final competition. Is it something particular to New York, or does this Sputum Bowl final competition exist in other states? And exactly what does the competition consist of? I’m humble at humblefarmer dot com and I’d like to hear from you if you can bring up anything on the topic. Do you remember my telling you that my friend Winky once worked as a laboratory assistant in our local department of respiratory care? His job was to photograph samples of mucus for microscopic analysis and he got very good at it. But you will remember that his girlfriend’s father threw him out of the house when he heard about it. The old man said he didn’t want his daughter hanging out with no film phlegm artist.

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