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Episode: 0042 Future Talk - Searching for Other Earths

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Since the time of ancient Greece, Man has speculated on whether the universe contains other planets similar to our own, with life similar to what we find on Earth. Now, for the first time, we may be getting close to answering that question. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and its Ames Research Center have been in the forefront of searching for Earthlike planets and determining whether they're capable of supporting life. This episode will reveal their progress to date.

There are two guests. Peter Worden has been the Director of the Ames Research Center since 2006. He's a retired Brigadier General in the U.S. Air Force with a Ph.D. in astronomy, and is considered an expert in virtually every area of space research, both civilian and military. He's deeply involved with the Kepler Mission, which has already identified many planets in the so-called "habitable zone", meaning not too hot and not too cold. Ruslan Belikov is an astrophysicist at Ames who's working on the next generation of experiments to directly observe the newly found planets, test their chemical composition, and see if they might in fact be able to support life.

The program discusses both the methods and motivations of NASA's search for planets in other solar systems, as well as the NASA culture itself, how it works with the government, and who decides which projects will go forward.

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