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The humble Farmer TV show for March 24, 2013

Thank you for looking at: “A Summer Day in Maine”

56 minutes. This show includes a 7.18 minutes of Denny Breau playing a humor/music show with humble on Monhegan.

Well received in Northern New England for 34 years, this is the same old fashioned music and humorous social commentary show that has delighted young and old alike every week since April 6, 1978 for radio --- and now for television.

Most of the video over the music is of Monhegan, an island off the coast of Maine, and some film of the boat coming and going there. Most breaks are announced by the big Port Clyde sign that welcomes people coming ashore from Monhegan. Pennsylvania artist Bradley Hendershot is shown at work.

Music by: Clark Terry, Scott Hamilton, McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, Lee Morse, Count Basie, Willie “The Lion” Smith, and Denny Breau.

humble is joined again on camera by his young friend, Sylvia, whose smile is now generating much of humble’s fan mail.

All of this is tame fare, indeed, for viewers expecting someone to be shot, arrested or blown up.

The show is tightly scripted. It starts out with a quiet pictures of downtown Monhegan and a woman almost getting run down by a golf cart. The show ends, as usual, with the Keystone Cops driving a car off the end of a dock.
The humorous and/or informative commentary that humble delivers between the songs is approximated below:
1. You might be surprised to hear that I not infrequently amaze my friends when I merge my physical and academic prowess. The other day I went into Wikipedia and printed off 9 pages on Nietzsche. I mentioned on my Facebook page that I read about Nietzsche while taking my walk today. My friend Lance couldn’t believe it. He wrote, “You can read while you walk?”
2. You know that I’ve been struggling to learn languages for over 50 years. And suddenly, at the side of my web page, there are advertisements informing me that there is a new easy way to learn Spanish and a new easy way to learn Italian. It might surprise you to hear this, but the pertinent literature in the ad is not below a picture of August Friedrich Pott poring over crumbling manuscripts, William Jones or even Ernst Pulgram. Instead of these august scholars, above each ad there is a picture of an unnamed young woman who is experiencing a great deal of difficulty keeping ample portions of her torso crammed down inside her dress. And you might well ask, as I do every morning when these pictures make their predicted return to my sidebar, how could any of this appeal to a young man hoping to increase his proficiency in tongues?
3. I was on my way out the door when Marsha looked up from her ipad or ipod toy thing and said, "They are opening Acadia National Park a month later this year." That's too bad. So many people like to walk up there so they can be the first to slip on the ice and fall off.
4. Ok women. If you are equal to men why don’t you prove it to me sometime? Yes I have an example of exactly what I mean. I went to exercise class three times a week. There is a scale in the corner. It is one of those scales where you slide a weight along a bar to the 150 pound notch and then adjust the other sliding weight up to 20 pounds which gives you your weight of 170 pounds. When men have ascertained their weight, they step off the scale and leave. Before women step off the scale, they move the sliding weights back to zero.
5. You might have heard about the man in the county jail who gained 80 pounds since Christmas time. The newspaper and television people have had quite a time with it. But what you probably haven't heard, is that the warden of that jail has been offered a job in Washington DC as Executive Director of the National Association of Pork Producers.
6. Here’s another shooting in the headlines. This one says, "A Marine shot and killed a male and female Marine before turning a gun on himself late Thursday at the Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Va., officials said Friday." This would not have happened if we armed Marines.
7. Did you hear about the woman who said that robbers had locked her in her car trunk? It gave her an excuse for not coming to work for the previous three days. Police became suspicious when they looked in the trunk, because there were no signs that anyone had lived there for three days. Anyone who knows what bears do in the woods would have become suspicious. If a bear or a fox or anything else lives in your woods --- or in the trunk of your car --- for three days, you will see signs. Why didn't that woman realize that if a person lives in the trunk of a car for three days, there should be signs? I think it's because she'd watched too many soap operas. On soap operas, they can tie a woman to a chair for a week, and if you give her an occasional drink of water and a scrap of food, she gets along fine.
8. We have two big political parties in the U. S. today. One calls the other the "Tax and Spend" party, probably because they are always willing to tax and spend tax money on repairing bridges and roads and building schools. The other is called the "Borrow and Bomb" party, probably because they are always willing to borrow and run up the national debt to start and fight wars. At the end of the day, when all of the name-calling and excuses have been scraped away, the bare bones of the matter seems to be: Who Gets The Money? The very rich, or the working people?
9. Have you noticed that there is nothing more useless than a well reasoned argument soaked in facts when you're dealing with someone who doesn't believe in facts but simply pounds his fist on the Word or repeats what he heard one of the boys say down at the loading dock? Was it some old German philosopher who said that if either facts or religion amounted to anything, there would only be one political party and only one religion in the world?
10. You might have noticed that there is a lot of name calling on newspaper blogs that contain letters to the editor. Edit out the name calling and the spelling errors, and have you really got much of anything of substance left? We recognize the function of an on-line letters to the editor page. Folks who for years read the printed page and were limited to a silent, inward boil at its political slant, can now type some garble, spit, turn on their heel, and walk off. It’s sad, and I have to ask you what has happened to the language Maine people now use to express themselves? If you are a student of Maine newspaper blogs have you not concluded that ours is an era where a watered-down milksop of a language has replaced what we heard as children? Have you noticed that the insults on the blog page lack spark? Do you agree that calling someone a “fool” day after day lacks imagination? Does not “So don’t you, nya, nya, nya” evince a limp impotency? Our Maine language was not always so. There is nothing like a frosty morning in a Mars Hill potato field to enrich the vocabulary of a child with big ears who is eager to learn. Emery Dordy would drive up on Mr. Gallupe’s shiny new 1947 Farmall hauling the digging machine. I think it did two rows. Old Dave, who smoked a pipe, was the digger man. Old Dave would kick at the two inches of solid soil that stood between him and 300 barrels of Green Mountains and what Old Dave said was an education not to be found in the halls of higher learning. “You white-livered son of a horse” was how he started and his creativity increased geometrically with every pipefill until the frost weakened. And to this day I still don’t know if it was Old Dave’s language or the sun that had done the job. Anyway, if you’re like me, you probably bemoan the fact that the linguistic creativity and facility of an old-time digger man on a frosty morning seems to be a thing of the past and that we’re going to have to live with the insipid likes of “Nya, nya, nya. So don’t you.” But people have had their say, and that is good. If they weren't able to complain about the problems in their community on a newspaper’s blog page, some of them might actually get out of their chairs and do something about it.
Thank you for considering The humble Farmer.

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