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Torture and Prosecutorial Discretion
As former President George W. Bush once noted, torture is illegal. That’s true under both international and US law. So those who order or engage in torture are, objectively speaking, criminals. The International Committee of the Red Cross found that the Bush administration tortured terrorism detainees to wring information out of them. President Obama ordered a halt to these practices. But will the US government hold the Bush administration accountable? If so, how? We ask Stephen Vladeck, a constitutional law and national security scholar.

EFCA: Taking Down the Barriers to Unionization
With the passage of the Wagner Act more than 70 years ago, the government put in place a system to adjudicate the right of workers to join and form unions without retaliation. Over the years, employers have grown increasingly skillful in bending the rules to block unionizing efforts. With a Democratic president and solid Democratic majority in Congress, organized labor is hopeful that the law will be updated to ensure that workers are truly free to organize, argues Julie Martinez Ortega of American Rights at Work.

The Reform Agenda for States: A Review of the Maryland Legislative Session
Stimulus dollars bailed out Annapolis, as they did many other states, avoiding painful cuts to the social safety net. In addition, there were advances on protecting vulnerable workers, gaining equal pay for women, curbing domestic violence and police spying on non-violent protesters, and setting tighter evidentiary standards on the use of the death penalty. Hot button issues about drivers licenses for immigrants, civil marriage for gay couples, and pornography, were also on the General Assembly’s agenda, and that of our guest, Democratic State Senator Jamie Raskin.

Also… a photo essay by Martin Lueders shot for “Bread for the World”… Poetry by Anne Becker and DJ Renegade… and the Blues, Swedish style, with Robert Lighthouse.

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