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Episode: BV 13-01 - A Just Sustainable Peace - Resolve International Conflicts Without War

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A Just Sustainable Peace - Resolve International Conflicts Without War

Stanley J. Noffsinger has completed 9 years in leadership as the General Secretary of the Church of the Brethren.

Stan, as he likes to be called, shares with "Brethren Voices" the responsibilities of the leadership's Brethren General Offices and discusses some of the mission partnerships the Church of the Brethren supports in Haiti, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, India, Brazil, the Democratic
Republic of Congo and Spain. His leadership also covers the 1,000 Church of the Brethren congregations in the United States.

Noffsinger discusses the historic peace witness of the church and its service programs, Brethren Disaster Ministries and Brethren Volunteer Service.

Noffsinger serves on the World Council of Churches which is currently considering
"The Ecumenical Declaration of a Just Peace"
which states that war never brings about a sustainable peace.
War is not a way to resolve international conflicts.
Noffsinger gives the details about this declaration that will be voted on at its November meeting in Busan, Korea.

Theologically, Stanley states that as a "lay person," he accepted the leadership position because of his "passion" for the church. "It's a position where the 'job' is different everyday and there's always a challenge."

His family heritage with the Church of the Brethren can be traced back many generations as his father was a Brethren pastor as well as his grandfather. The land for the Lower Miami Church of the Brethren in Southern Ohio was donated by his great, great, grandfather.

He's pleased to be serving out of the Anabaptist Pietist heritage where
Jesus reconciles
people with God and
people with each other.
"The very essence of Jesus life and ministry

is building relationships
across barriers and
building relationships with all people.

Jesus welcomes us to a Kingdom which is for us, here and today."
-- Stanley J. Noffsinger

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