Show: Law Talk

Episode: 0017 Law Talk: Solyndra Goes BK & Execs Take the 5th - October 12, 2011

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The conversation begins with when Solyndra went bankrupt and the executives who took the Fifth, leaving US Taxpayers taking $535 million hit. Mark and Jim go on to talk about how the governmental central planning luster dims and about the charges that green jobs numbers are padded; Can you say that a bus driver driving a hybrid bus has a green job? They press the point by adding that the taxpayers are getting blindsided for $130 million when only ninety-five electric car charging stations have been installed.

In Constitutional Corner Mark ( and Jim ask whether the Supreme court will take on Obama Care or will some Justices will recuse themselves even as both sides urge the review.

Lastly, Mark and Jim discuss the age old legal principal from English Common law in criminal cases of mens rea that has been under attack as the Federal Government criminalize everything under the sun. The penal code has become as obscure as the laws posted high atop Caligula’s pillars.

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