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Episode: Knocking On The Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy - Part 1

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Knocking On The Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy - Part 1
(The four, 28:30 minute parts, are the entire film. Each part can be aired independently or played with other parts.)

The nuclear reactor catastrophes at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and now at Fukushima, Japan, remind us that a heinous specter continues to hover over the health and security of millions of people around the world.

Not only does the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation linger but every nuclear station sits as a ticking bomb awaiting meltdown and terrorist attack. Many Russian studies conclude that Chernobyl killed approximately a million people since the 1986 meltdown. And the cost of the Daiichi Fukushima crisis may be substantially higher.

Nuclear energy is neither clean nor green. From the mining of radioactive materials to their transportation and the storage of radioactive waste, the nuclear cartel is contaminating natural habitats, rivers and aquifers while endangering millions of lives.

Knocking on the Devil’s Door deconstructs the corporate and political rhetoric feeding the media misinformation campaigns to seduce us into believing that low level radiation emitted from nuclear plants is perfectly safe and that our future depends upon nuclear energy.

The US is prepared to give tens of billions of dollars to build 200 new nuclear power reactors. The liability for nuclear accidents and meltdowns falls upon taxpayers.

Old decaying and leaking reactors are being relicensed, increasing the stakes that another catastrophe will occur.

Knocking on the Devil’s Door features the world’s most vital voices demanding the cessation of nuclear power including Helen Caldicott, Harvey Wasserman, Vandana Shiva, Michio Kaku, Greg Palast, Karl Grossman, Ernest Sternglass and others.

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